Property Valuation Services

NI Property Group offers an extensive and up to date valuation consultancy service across the entire province. We cover a vast range of property types including retail, office, business space and industrial along with licensed hotel and leisure and other trading related properties.

Valuation advice of both a capital and rental nature are provided for all types of property transactions, taxation purposes and compulsory purchase situations for single properties, large developments and portfolios.

In many instances, we are retained by clients to procure negotiated settlements with purchasers and sellers, fellow professionals, landlords and tenants, local authorities and government departments.

If you wish to discuss any aspects of our valuation services then please contact us.

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Commercial Leases and Rent Reviews:

With most leases including a provision to allow for regular rent reviews, we implement reviews on behalf of many landlords and tenants. Our extensive experience and knowledge ensures we are well placed to achieve the optimum results on behalf of clients.

With rent reviews becoming increasingly complex, technical and required to take account of existing case law and evolving market practice, our clients can rest assured that the requisite expertise is available at NI Property Group.

Whether you own or lease a property, contact us now to discuss any aspects of a forthcoming rent review.

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