Uploading your property

We've made the process of taking your property online about as simple as it can get ... but, there's no harm in reading through this checklist of items you should have ready before you go:

To get your property online you just need one photo - more can be added later, but for now, make sure you have one good exterior photo. Wait for a sunny day (if possible!), move the bins away from the front door, pick up that crisp packet your 4 year old dropped, and give it your best shot. You don't have to be David Bailey, but photos are what is going to sell your home online. Take a few until you're really happy with the result.

The image shouldn't be larger than 2Mb - or it will be rejected I'm afraid.

Know what you want to say ... at this stage, you have 300 characters - slightly more than 2 texts worth! - to summarise the property. You can add more details later, but for now, focus on what really sells the property - the location, the number of rooms, accessibility, the view ... write out a few key points about the property before you start the form and then you can just copy / paste it in.

Scout around the estate agent listings, have a look at what price similarly appointed properties are listed at - and factor in any differences. If you'd like a professional valuation, then please don't hesitate to get in touch and we can arrange that for you. An incorrectly priced property could end up costing you big time.